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Do you remember the times when we were kids dreaming of having all these Dragon Ball Z toys? We couldn’t afford it back in the days. But we are all grown up today and the things have changed. We do not have to count on our parents. We can just go to the nearest anime store and buy whatever we want. Since we earn our own money this became so much more comfortable. We can now decide what to spend it for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DBZ hoodie or Broly figure. And this is just the perfect moment for every Dragon Ball fan over 30. The unexpected premiere of completely new series revived our desire for collecting. A bunch of new characters – aside of well known like Goku or Vegeta – boosted up our interests in original merchandise. There are plenty of interesting products out there like Goku cosplay costume or clothes. They are available from many different retailers from all around the world. Some of them are produced in China, some of them in United States. But the most respected come from Japan where the artists make the items only of the highest quality. Check out this DBZ costumes category for example.

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